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Sessions and Sail is a musical themed voyage sailing on the  102 foot Brigantine Lady of Avenel.

What is Session and Sail?


Sessions and Sail is a musical themed voyage sailing on the  102 foot Brigantine Lady of Avenel. Following a successful voyage last year we have two amazing weeks for you in 2019 – The Orkney Islands and Wester Ross, Skye.


The trips will  combine sailing a Brigantine with musical tuition, performances, workshops and sessions with renowned musicians.  


Players of Scottish music whether beginner intermediate or advanced are encouraged to sail with us as we embark on a journey of tunes, songs and sailing.


Led by Square Rig captain and Shetland fiddler Barry Nisbet


Further information and booking:


Also see Facebook page @sessionsandsail and choose Upcoming Events

Please contact  Barry Nisbet at: for further information


Booking & more info for Session and Sail 2023

Scottish music and the sea go hand in hand; the sea has connected our remote islands and communities and helped us share our music, for hundreds of years.

Booking a Sessions and Sail voyage will secure you a berth aboard the 100-foot-long brigantine ‘Lady of Avenel’; the voyage is open to musicians playing at any level, with an interest in Scottish music.


A certain number of non-musician berths can be available - if in doubt, drop us an email.

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