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The ‘Fathers and Sons’
voyage was set up to enable fathers
and sons to share powerful experiences together
aboard a sailing vessel and in remote and wild places on land.


Read about the first ‘Fathers and Son’s trip summer 2014 – described in this Telegraph article

The Father and Sons Adventure Voyages leader, Charles Lyster, lost his father 25 years ago and progressively, throughout his exciting life sailing and in the outdoors, he has always wished he’d spent more time with him.

The ‘Fathers and Sons’ voyage was set up to enable fathers and sons to share powerful experiences together aboard a sailing vessel and in remote and wild places on land.

This adventure involves learning how to sail the ship and navigate to reach a goal, most likely one or more remote islands. Once you arrive and drop anchor, the ship’s tender will deliver you ashore and you’ll explore mountains and hills, beaches and coves, maybe crossing to the other side of the island we visit.


Together with your father or son, you may experience catching some of your supper by foraging and fishing and hunting for driftwood for your fire. Cooking on a open fire when ashore for twenty-four hours or more can take you back to a simpler world unencumbered by the hustle and bustle of every-day modern life and the wild, natural world of the land and sea will become a perfect environment to catch up with each other and see one another’s underlying qualities.


Charles, through his experience as a leader in the outdoors, has a perspective on life that combines a healthy body and a rational mind, illuminated by each person’s unique character. He is a mountain leader, an outdoor guru, boat builder, climber, skier and, first aid trainer among many other things.


Charles is an inspiring character who personifies the easy relationship with the natural environment that mankind had from the distant past until relatively recently.


Charles is also a professionally qualified skipper who compliments Stefan Fritz – the Lady of Avenel’s very experienced full time Captain.

What are the voyages like?

  • What we offer is a voyage of adventure! For sons between their 12th and 18th birthdays, with their fathers. It takes place on a traditional, square-rigged sailing vessel of great character and in a wild and remote area.

  • You will be part of a crew of up to twelve with a Skipper, Mate and Bosun to guide you as you learn to sail the ship.You will spend six nights together making a journey of exploration, learning to work the vessel, steer, raise sail, climb the mast, knot and splice ropes, navigate, cook, stand watches and experience the wild world at hours determined by the tides rather than the clock or the TV schedule.

  • Nights will be spent at anchor in remote bays, immersed in natural surroundings where the artificial world is seen as distant lights or not at all. There’ll be opportunities to share tales of your own adventures and those of the great explorers of the past. On the morning tide you will haul up the anchor and continue the voyage.

To book and see further information visit:

Call or email Charles

Telephone: 07515 387693



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